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10 Ways An SEO Company Can Help Your Business

When we think if digital marketing strategies, perhaps the most popular strategy that comes to mind is Google Ads. This is essentially a paid form of advertising online. Many business owners gravitate towards this method of marketing because it is easy to track and understand from a numerical and analytical standpoint.

However, search engine optimization is quickly becoming the go-to online marketing strategy for business owners for several reasons.

Also known as SEO, this strategy is most popular based off of the fact that it is an organic form of advertising. In other words, it is essentially a free way to market with mostly website upkeep costs being the paid factor. Another reason it is growing is due to the outranking factor of this method. Business owners love the idea that they can make small and cost-effective changes to physically surpass their online competitors. As we can imagine, these are just a few of many other reasons why search engine optimization is being chosen over Google Ads. That being said, there are still many businesses that turn to Googe Ads instead because of the technical factors of SEO. Frankly, there are just too many small details that play an important part in successfully optimizing a website. This is where the importance of SEO companies come into play. Not only do SEO companies like take care of the small details, but they also add many more benefits that most business owners never thought they can use to their advantage. With this in mind, let’s go over ten ways an SEO company can help grow your business.


#1: They Provide Proven Experience To Your Business

Experience is everything when it comes to implementing digital marketing strategies effectively. This includes SEO where technical factors are simply foreign to new optimizers. This is one of the reasons why new digital marketing companies find it difficult to find local business clients. Nonetheless, proven and established SEO companies allow their experience important strategies such as link building, on-page optimization, and guest blogging. Some would argue that these strategies require both patience and mastery which are qualities that inexperienced companies don’t have to begin with.


#2: They Can Simplify The Understanding Of SEO

As mentioned before, the technicality and wide scope of SEO can be quite challenging to understand. A beginner optimizer simply won’t know where to start. As far as SEO companies are concerned, one of the ways they acquire business clients is by effectively communicating how SEO will work for their business. In other words, they knew how to simplify or break down the process of marketing on your website. This is a highly convincing quality to have for business owners as they are then able to see what they are paying for in an SEO company and why.


#3: They Know How To Combine SEO With Different Strategies

We understand how effective SEO can be on its own, however, Using a single digital marketing strategy is never effective as using more than one. This is another selling point that most SEO companies like tp pitch to business clients. However, they don’t simply pitch different services and ask you to pay for them. Instead, SEO companies make business plans for local businesses that will allow for an easy transition from one strategy to another. This allows local businesses to organically grow in the ways they can market online.


#4: They Are Masters At Attracting Relevant Clients

One of the downfalls of doing SEO yourself is that you don’t have as much control for receiving relevant clicks than you would with Google Ads. This contributes to a rise in the number of irrelevant visitors who are less likely to convert. With an SEO company, not only do they know what it takes to attract relevant clients, they know how to do so in as fast as three months. In the business industry, this type of results speed can quite literally change a business overnight.


#5: They Can Bring In Online Sales Experience

To be clear, there is a big difference between client acquisition through marketing and sales. Sales can be looked at as the next step after a client is acquired. This is a step that many businesses either don’t have or implement incorrectly. The sales step in the process of converting a client requires knowledge of sales funnels, convincing web page copy, and other similar factors. SEO companies make this a priority within their services as it is another way for them to attract business clients.


#6: They Can Run Competitive Analysis Campaigns

Many business owners think that outranking a competitor is as simple as making changes to a website that weren’t made before. If it were that simple, everyone and their mother would be using SEO as a way to promote and market their business organically. However, it requires looking into the specifics of online competitors with tools such as ahrefs. This is an effective outranking strategy that SEO companies use because they are given an inside look at the changes business competitors have made to stay ahead.


#7: They Can Run Monthly Performance Audits On Your Website

Another way an SEO company can help your business is by establishing strong communication. To be more specific, SEO companies do this by running monthly or quarterly performance audits to evaluate your business’ SEO standings. This brings benefits to your business such as metric analyzation, outranking changes, and improvement tracking.


#8: They Have A Focus On Building Trust & Legitimacy

Business owners who turn down professional SEO services often fail to realize how much of a focus on trust-building and business legitimacy they have. These are qualities that are more important to running a local business than they are for successfully implementing digital marketing strategies. As far as how they do this, SEO companies make sure to focus on an important SEO metric known as Domain Authority. This metric is essentially an online store that shows how much online trust and relevancy a website has. This determines other important SEO factors including ranking position.


#9: They Can Help Your Business Find New Selling Propositions

One of the most beneficial ways an SEO company can help your business is by finding new selling propositions. Depending on your niche, you might have different avenues and ways to make money that you might have never thought about. In extreme cases, these findings have the potential to completely change the course of an entire business. Some businesses even make the switch to selling only their main selling proposition after it has been discovered by an SEO company. This truly shows how powerful the research and analysis capabilities of SEO companies are.


#10: They Can Contribute To Local Branding & Awareness

Last but not least, SEO companies make a big difference when it comes to local branding and awareness. Given that these are two of the main reasons why local businesses reach out to SEO companies in the first place, they are usually surprised to see how fast they produce results. What’s more interesting is that most businesses are only a few minor changes away from not being ranked at all to being ranked number one for their niche.

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